Soulpaintings mirror the dephts, beauty and magnificence of a human soul. Everyones soulpainting is unique, concentrating on their personal higher potential and positive qualities.


Soulpaintings aid in seeing every one of us is amazing, but veryone in their own way. These artworks support you on difficult times and bring joy on good days.

Paintings from other realms

"My paintings speak about mystical realities and fairy worlds which hide under the surface of our everyday life "

-Mirjam Raag

These works of art open doors to alternate worlds and other fantastical realities. Every painting speaks their own ageless story and takes the spectator to a mystical journey.


© 2017 by Mirjam Raag

All the images displayed on this webpage are a subject of copyright and should not be reproduced without the consent of the author.

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