All my paintings tell their own magical and lively tale. Shapes, symbols and archetypes on the artworks carry a deep and peaceful message of timeless wisdom. When looked at closely, my paintings seem to start a conversation with the viewer. They show the way to the mystical vastness and secret passages of the Universe and human soul. 

Paintings from other realms

The process of creating

The ideas and themes that I paint come to me by themselves. They just appear in my awareness at some point and I get an irresistible urge to bring them to our reality with my paints and brushes.

The pieces live their own lives even while I paint them -- they become more detailed and open new doors I didnt see before. I`m often surprised by my own creations, becouse I cant foresee the final image before the painting is finished.

"My paintings speak about mystical realities and fairy worlds which hide under the surface of our everyday life.  "

The flora series

Every painting in my flora series brings forth the essence of one magical plant. I show them in mystical surroundings living harmonically together with faeries and angels. Nature around us hides lots of wonders which often stay unnoticed. Every plant is a different individual with it`s own personality and temper. These interesting personas are the stars of my paintings.

© 2017 by Mirjam Raag

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