Soulpaintings mirror the dephts, beauty and magnificence of a human soul. Everyones soulpainting is unique, concentrating on their personal higher potential and positive qualities.


Soulpaintings aid in seeing every one of us is amazing, but veryone in their own way. These artworks support you on difficult times and bring joy on good days.

The soulpainting of Simo

Simos painting is very mystical: there`s a roaring white cloud-dragon in the sky and a perfectly balanced tower of mandala- stones in the foreground (balanced despite the strong wind). Hidden  in the stones are some doors to other realms. At the foot of the painting there`s an ancient forest with its roots in the sky.

"Mirjams art really comes from the soul. The soulpainting she made is tremendously powerful as it opens different aspects of my being. I like Mirjams devotion and sincerity through which she looks at the essence of a person. She looks at you honestly and brightly with sparkling eyes, leaving behind all of the shadows and brings out the best of people. With that she shows us the way to our true potential. Mirjams art is incomparable. Thank you for the Soulpainting :) "

- Simo

© 2017 by Mirjam Raag

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